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live review, 2002
Acoustic trio Jigzag, who are based in Sydney when they aren't touring (which isn't very often, by all accounts), are beginning to create ripples around the country which could easily become Waif size waves in the not too distant future. Like The Waifs, they first caught this reviewer's eyes and ears at the last Woodford Festival, where they were one of the stand-out acts. The good impression was more than confirmed during a recent tour in Queensland's Far North.
An act honed during countless hours busking at Sydney's Central Station, Jigzag are perhaps best judged in a live context, where their sheer vivacity, musicality and inherent ability to entertain truly shines. 30 Seconds of Happiness, never the less, is an accurate representation of their current sets. The album features the group's cleverly conceived and arranged folk and jazz coloured pop songs interspersed with similarly well thought out medleys of Celtic tunes, some old favourites; others composed by Jigzag's fiddle whiz, Caroline Trengove. Their swing approach to jigs and reels brings to mind Scotland's The Easy Club.
Guitarist Greg Bryce and double bassist Liz Frencham have similar mastery of their instruments. Together, the three members create perfect 3 part harmony, making Jigzag a very well matched trio. Vocally, Bryce shines on the co-penned title track and on his own song, These Feelings. Frencham's lovely voice can be heard in all its glory on her outstanding songs, Man of Wood (a sensuous eulogy to her double bass) and the poetic Breathe.

Tony Hillier
"top ten live gigs of 2002"
Rhythms magazine