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Embracing her double bass like a lover, Liz invites you along a journey through a luminous emotional landscape, reassuring you with a warm, generous voice and a smile which has become her trademark.

Liz is an experienced session double-bassist & vocalist who has been employed by household names like the The Waifs, & was once flown from Canada to England to add her distinctive style to an album for English songwriting team Chris While & Julie Matthews.

Liz Frencham graduated from a Sydney Conservatorium of Music Jazz performance degree in 1998 and has been working full time as a freelance musician ever since. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter and a much sought after accompanist. Her intuitive understanding of music goes beyond genre, resulting in constant invitations from seasoned performers to accompany them at a moments notice at music festivals across the country. Her distinctive double bass sound has graced countless original recordings both here in Australia & internationally.

Liz was recognised at the inaugural National Folk Awards in 2006 for her album of original songs "Jericho" which was one of 3 finalists for the presenters choice award. She is well loved for her warm and exuberant performances with Jigzag, Frencham Smith and Dev'lish Mary, but also for her generosity of spirit and honesty in sharing her hard won experience in a workshop context.

The list of spontaneous collaborations are endless including America's Ricky Scaggs, Canada's Ember Swift, Scotland's Tony McManus & England's Bob Fox, Jodi Martin, Kavisha Mazzella, Margaret Roadknight, Damon Davies...

Her deep love of music & commitment to sharing it is the common thread in all of her many endeavours, obvious in her ever-smiling presence.

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