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Caroline studied music from the age of 7 and classical violin since she was 10. She was drawn to Celtic music in '95 and studied the intricacies of Irish fiddle playing with Eimar Byrne and 'Donegal' style with Liz Doherty. She immerses herself in every note, from full-bodied and heart wrenching to lightning fast 'like a swallow on amphetamines'. Her improvisation is richly melodic and exciting, having been strongly influenced by her love of Eastern European and Indian music. Her songwriting has blossomed of late- giving us the achinglyly beautifil 'Melt in your Arms', 'Feel Like a Child' & the infectious swinger 'Over the Fence'. Overall it is the purity and sweetness of her voice that adds an emotional fragility to the jigzag vocal blend.