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Greg's musical career began in the rock industry as a singer-songwriter guitarist and his songs feature on the Screaming Jets first two platinum selling albums as well as the 'Hits and Pieces' album. Since the mid '90s, returning from two and a half years studying and teaching yoga in India, Greg has focused his talents on acoustic music. His high energy, percussive guitar style draws from many influences including Irish, funk, hip-hop, jazz, bluegrass and rock. His playing also incorporates many unusual open tunings. His solo album of '96 'Helium Heart' displays his sensual and soulful side as well as the tongue in cheek, quirky lyrics that characterize his more light-hearted material. Recently he has pulled out the 'Strat' and Fender Twin and reformed blues rock trio DV8 who have released a live album 'DV8 Live 2 Rock'.