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30 Seconds

Jigzag - 30 Seconds of Happiness Released early 2002

The coalescence of voices sends shivers down the spine, and there’s no greater tribute to musicians than that they can make ring, like a spoon on a glass, a resonant chord within.

Warwick McFadyen,
The Age, Melbourne

  1. 30 Seconds of Happiness MP3
  2. Man of Wood MP3
  3. The Barefoot Bride MP3
  4. Ordinary Mystery
  5. These Feelings
  6. Between the Darkness and the Deep MP3
  7. The Porch Set
  8. Your House
  9. She Moved Through the Fair
  10. The Polka-Machine
  11. Love is Good
  12. Breathe
Lyrics here, chord charts by demand..