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The Offering - lyrics


1. Everything *
2. The Winter Jigs *
3. Dancing with the Angel
4. Room at the Table
5. The Highlander Set
6. Deep and Blue
7. Buffalo Bird Woman
8. Footsteps of a Saint
9. Give it to You
10. Easy Words *
11. Wood Guitar *
12. Miserlou
* tracks available at



The sky, the sea, I feel them waiting for me
while you entangle me in triviality
So much in me you keep under lock and key
All it takes is a childish giggle to set it free

I want to be an everything, everything
I want to be a part of everything

Now I feel ten feet tall, I’m a gale force wind, I’m
a waterfall
Won’t give you half a chance to make me feel small
Inside so bright, I’m a whirl of colour and it’s
Don’t step on my dreams, girl, I’m a dragon in full

and I can be an everything, everything
I want to be a part of everything

So take my hand, I’ll help you understand
There’s room in life for building castles in the sand
We’ll sing in the middle of the street, in pink
pyjamas and our bare feet
Who cares about the stares on the faces that we meet

For we can be an everything, everything
we can be a part of everything

Butterfly wings and diamond rings
Daisy chains and summer rains
Pulling faces, running races
Imagining we’re in magic places
I spy with my little eye
there are cloudy angels in the sky
Big red cars, and air guitars
and songs we can’t remember that go la lala

Dancing with the Angel


On a misty moonlit mountain
Far beyond my wildest dreams
Came across an angel dancing
And she said “Come dance with me”

Dancing with the angel all night long

And she said “All our hearts are pure love
But most times we cannot see”
Then her love look pierced me deeply
As we danced in ecstasy

Room at the Table


Driving my car and it’s such a lonely world
the stereo fights bravely to be heard above the roar
Distortion becomes kind of friendly when it’s your
only company
There’s too much time to think in this lonely world
of all the other things that you know you’ll never be
White lines devour all the strength inside
but I feel a warm voice, whisper

There’s enough room at the table
There’s enough fruit on the tree
and right around the corner
a beautiful place for us to be
There’s another stranger waiting
to be a lifelong friend
and a place at the table
where we’ll be together in the end

It’s hard to fight the cold in this lonely world
I haven’t felt my fingers since half past three
But colder is the fear inside
maybe I’ll never be free
from failures I relive in this lonely world
Shame it cuts me deeply & the wounds won’t heal
Black night swallows my rear vision
like the past I can’t change

and I don’t want to be a slave to a stage
Never to escape the twilight zone
and only live through the eyes of a crowd
and then die every time I’m alone
Always looking for the strength to stand tall
But I’m getting too scared to try lest I fall
But I’m not gonna fall

‘cause there’s enough room at the table
There’s enough fruit on the tree
and right around the corner
a beautiful place for us to be
And though ahead there lies a struggle
there’s a second wind to help us through
So greet the world on your doorstep
there’s so much hope for me and you

So as I’m driving my car it’s not such a lonely world
I’ve got myself a dream and it warms the empty seat
and I can hear beyond the distortion
there is a melody and it sounds so sweet

Deep and Blue

(E.Frencham 1999)

Can this be real, you care what I feel
you reach into my shadows, all that I conceal
Can this be true, all I want to know is you
run my fingers through your pain to feel the way you

And it’s more than this lonely child can bear
to chalk a line between us while you’re standing
Awakening a part of me I didn’t know was there

And if I can’t have you I want to be deep and blue
to dive beneath the waves and drown these dreams of
But it’s just one more thing, another link to you
it draws me like the tide draws the sand

Can this be fair, I reach out, you’re not there
you chose a different life, something I can’t share
Can you explain why I’m happy all the same
why I hold my head up high, smile on through the rain

For though I’m holding on to what is true
and tell myself that I can’t be with you
I’m caught up in a tangled web of dreams I can’t see

Buffalo Birdwoman


Wind whistles through the corn on the prairie
She stands there all alone
Watching the eagle wheeling high on the air with
the kind of freedom that she would own

And she picks up her hoe
and walks into the morning
Dew on her toes, she sings to her corn
Everyone knows that she grows the sweetest
Sing to your corn Buffalo Birdwoman

Her eyes defiant as the sun in the noonday
but as giving as the moon and sea
Half her people never knew of their doomsday
the waste and slaughter that was Wounded Knee

She said “My land is changing but I will not change
White man’s farming has no heart and soul
You can take and take but what will it give you
not the sweetness that your looking for

Give it to you


Took me on a trip
dropped me off in Amsterdam
Told me I was obsolete
said you didn’t really give a damn
Your true colours are showing now
and you’d just love to think they’re black
But I think they’re more a washed out grey
and you need some colour back

That junkie stole your cash
left you crying on the subway train
You love to play the Euro trash
but reality’s not quite the same
Your true colours are showing now
and it seems you’re in the red

Let me give it to
Let me give it to you
Lovin’ and respect
Let me give my best
Let me give it to you

Your true colours are showing now
and it seems you’re in the red
I wish the corners of your downturned lips
could be turning up instead

If we could only see
beyond the good and bad
Respect can set us free
it’s the best thing that we have

It doesn’t matter what you do
I can love you just the same
You stand there in your Gothic black
your make-up running in the rain
Your true colours are showing now
and they’re brighter than you think
I can lead you to the water, girl
it’s up to you to take a drink

Easy Words


Someone stole the easy words
away from me and you
Stripped us bare of mindless talk
and left no I.O.U.
Naked conversations
Confusion laced with pain
Feelings not so easy to explain

But we talked for hours
hard words spilling from our lips
caress the air beyond a kiss
more real somehow
than any kiss I’d ever heard before

Someone stole the language gloves
the sterile words we choose
They took the one word answers
to a simple ‘how are you?’
Somone stole our safety net
the script we had to use
and we were scared of what was left to say

No clinical conditions
exist between us two
To act the part of strangers
now beyond what we can do
It comes as a surprise to find
some thieves are angels too
For someone stole the easy words
away from me and you

Wood Guitar


Acoustic music take’s me real deep
when I’m havin’ alotta problems
I don’t really wanna keep
Latino, flamenco, hillbilly blues
It’s a-washin’ away my problems
there’s no drug I need to use

Wood, wood, wood guitar

Pick it up, it’s warm like a baby
got a shape like like a picture
of that Venus lady
I strum, I love it, I pick a little
Come on Caroline play some funky fiddle

Neil Young he did it for everyone
got the record got the book and I learned to strum
“Southern man better keep your head
Don’t forget what your…”
Don’t forget what your good book said
especially all the parts that you never read
thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill
thou shalt always play thy guitar at will