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Making music is a lot like cooking.

If you want the best results you need the finest quality ingredients in exactly the right proportions. All three of the musicians who make up JIGZAG are excellent cooks who understand that there is no substitute for love & dedication to your craft in both food & music. They have been blending their musical outpourings for nearly ten years now & are tireless in their efforts to get the balance of sound & energy just right. They also understand that sometimes it's a really unusual combination of ingredients that work together to become a favourite dish. This chemistry is a rare & beautiful thing.

Greg Bryce - was once a chef in a Sydney vegetarian restaurant but these days prefers to stir his passions into his music. Famous for his Indian style curries & his fiery blues rock infused acoustic guitar solos, he is a man of many contrasts who has written a smiling pop ditty for every one of his beautiful, soul searching ballads. Equally wide-ranging is his ability as an accompanist. He has a rare ability to coax out rippling arpeggios as easily as he transforms his rhythmic style into a wall of sound propelling an instrumental ahead like a tidal wave.

Liz Frencham - has an old Italian espresso machine in her kitchen & bakes bread fresh every morning, so it's easy to see why her rich, earthy voice & well-crafted songs have so much down-home warmth. There is a definite parallel between the amount of care she puts into tamping down coffee for the perfect cappuccino and the love she puts into painstakingly craft a bass-line that will allow a song to soar. Her double bass playing skills have been honed by working with many national & international performers including David LaMotte USA, James Keelaghan CAN, Chris While & Julie Matthews UK, Fred Smith, Jodi Martin & Kate Fagan. All the while an effortless, bubbling smile & a warm, engaging stage presence ensure that she's a vital ingredient to the JIGZAG recipe.

Caroline Trengove - has almost single-handedly kept JIGZAG alive during many a protracted rehearsal with her lightning fast brown rice stir fry mojo. Her dedication to organic clarity & purity in cooking are mirrored in her impossibly clear, sweet voice & the honesty revealed in her lyrics. Her love of strong, spicy flavours on the other hand is just another expression of the flaming intensity she pours into her fiddle solos. This same bowing arm can generate the sweetest whispering voice that weave effortlessly through a gentle song.

Together onstage they laugh & dance, combining their voices in harmony & blending their personalities to generate a warmth through an audience which is not unlike that fragrant kitchen warmth just around dinner time...